May 19, 2024
NOTE: This article is to be updated as more information comes in...Here are some quick thoughts on the new event for this summer on War Robots!

Finally, after days of waiting, Pixonic has finally released their “Summer” event, which runs from June 28 to July 16 this year.

Apparently, Pixonic has chosen to put it into Skirmish mode (which actually entices many players to do the event, simply because they don’t need to go up against dissimilar hangars along the way).

In addition, they gave 40,000 credits for a new spin…so if you are someone who aims to get the newest equipment or complete existing queues, then here’s a small chance before everything becomes sad and gray by July 5.

Okay, I believe that so far, Pixonic deserves some kudos for the format of the event at the moment.

The reasons are as follows:

  • There is definitely no need to tank…and the whole event discourages it. You won’t earn keys or gold, but on the other hand, you’ll get sweet silver along the way!
  • It’s more fun and skill-based. No MK2s, everyone has access to the same hangar, so unless you get the bad spawns in Powerplant or Springfield, everyone and their pets do fight on an equal field!
  • The durations to gain robots, as well as get rewards, are rather balanced in a way that one doesn’t need to spend a lot of time in doing it.
  • All modes do help complete the tasks, but if you want a hassle-free experience, go Skirmish!!!
  • Also, you gain good silver and honor points on Skirmish, which means you get to enjoy good games with a beer!
  • There are lesser tasks than before.
  • In addition, the tasks are rather straightforward. Here’s an example so far from the event (note that I have just played TWO matches of the entire event so far):

Going to the tale of the tape:

Play as much as you can (and time yourself for the best Battle Royale, component and gold deals) before July 5, in order to get all the gear that you want before the new economic system kicks in.

Personally speaking, I will play this event and hope that I can get something good out of it. I mean, I am still a casual player in the main server after all, so any chance that I could get to have a slightly equal footing is much appreciated….even though everyone knows the facts already about War Robots 4.0, MK3 (boosters) and the upcoming MK4 (modules).

Stay tuned on this article for more updates!

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions: WR Summer Event Actually Works Out Well!

  1. I really wish they would just release a legacy version of walking war robots with bots up to the knights of camelot and with the old MM in it. They can place ads in it to create revenue and promo items to entice players to move up to WR.

    1. I share the same sentiment on this one. That’s why I spend a lot of time doing Six-Pack League!!!

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