April 19, 2024
Crazy changes once again in War Robots! Have a read!

So, when I saw the new update, I could not help but get shocked at the massive changes that came to the game. From extensive economy changes to the new workshop structure, this felt like approaching a very different game.

It is interesting to see that there are a ton of robot families that came out less than a year after the Dash bots were introduced. With the Stealth, Flyer, Dive, Suicide, Tank/Heal, Suppression and Pantheon families coming out in quick succession, one would think that the changes seem to be so out of place.

Actually, it isn’t out of place.

The endgame: Turning War Robots from a tactical mech game into a third-person shooter with robots as its setting

It’s rather ridiculous for anyone playing mech games to see mechanics such as active heal, manually regenerating shields, suppression and lock down dominate a game that is supposed to be defined by tactics and teamwork.

While this remake seems to be totally out of control, actually, Pixonic is in the correct path to make it into a game that has a lesser skill ceiling and thus make it open to more players. However, this policy has already proven to be extremely unpopular at this point in time; besides, games are supposed to be challenging and have a high skill ceiling in order to keep players satisfied…

To be frank, I don’t like the changes, but time will tell whether this strategy actually works out for War Robots…or whether it bites them back in their collective arses.

Conversion: Don’t Even Bother With It

You’ll end up at a total loss, unless you are trying to fasttrack the last 100-1000 components of a robot that has just reached the top of the metagame or getting a robot that can withstand or potentially become the top dog in the succeeding flow of the game.

Like seriously, you only get one component for every five you sacrifice, plus you pay Pix silver that could only be possibly earned in one day.


While logic would expect that dividends on a long-term investment would be bigger, Pixonic actually defies this convent.

60 components for a day at 290,000 silver against 170 components of the same bot for three days at 950k? It seems that Pix is really pushing the boundaries for this one.

An advice for players is that they should go for small batches of components: Not only do they finish faster, they are less expensive than going for the big ones.

I could only think of one reason that Pixonic is doing this: To force players to come online everyday so that they can upgrade again and again.

What does it mean for other alternatives?

The thing is that while alternatives are present, they aren’t in their final form yet (Robot Warfare and Mech Wars come to mind), are lacking in terms of marketing (think of Robokrieg) or are facing their own set of problems (Battle of Titans comes to mind).

If they want to take down War Robots’s spot as the top mobile mech game in the world, then they should start stepping up their game…and there’s no better time to gain an audience like this!


This is hands down of the craziest and mind-boggling patches that Pixonic has ever handed down since the introduction of the Shocktrain and the start of the Spectre era.

But then, we saw a lot of these things already. I am pretty sure that players are already getting tired of this madness; many players stay in this game due to the sheer fact that the other alternatives aren’t as attractive or does not offer the same features and complex gameplay that WR offers.

I just hope that Pixonic actually ships out features properly, as they used to do in the previous patches for the past three months or so, instead of using players as guinea pigs for whatever experiments they are concocting in their Moscow/Nicosia offices.


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