War Robots and its Community from the Writing Perspective

While it is true that Pixonic does a ton of content contests through its YouTubers and other providers (such as Pinceladas Graficas), the truth of the matter is that the company isn’t yet maximizing its potential when it comes to leveraging the game content it has.

The Iron War is a good source of stories and fiction – look no further than this blog to have an idea of the colorful and amazing fanfiction content that is tied to the War Robots universe.

I’m pretty sure that some of the community managers of Pixonic are reading blogs such as this, so I’ll just repeat some of the points that I’ve mentioned earlier:

  • With the revenue and profits that Pixonic has, one would wonder why they haven’t explored doing tournaments with cash prize money and that are totally controlled by themselves. This would attract a lot of players – and yes, this will be an incentive for many of the top clans to keep playing this game at a top level.
  • As mentioned, while they support content on YouTube through their accounts, incentives and other stuff, they haven’t been that active when it comes to written and graphical content. Within the space of one year and four months, I only saw one writing competition and one graphics competition that has been done by the company.
  • Whatever written content or drawing content that people create – does not need to be featured on the main WR site. Why not make something like Games Workshop’s Black Library, where all the lore can be put on paper and/or digital form and make a subculture out of it? Why not make writing contests that give away cash, merchandise or at the very least – robots and/or new weapons? A bimonthly, quarterly or even a competition that happens every four months (a trimester?) would be a wonderful way to get the best stories and/or essays out of the minds of the thinking and writing class if the War Robots community.
  • Why not support the model makers, the painters, the creatives, the websites and the people who try to cover War Robots? At least acknowledge them in one way or another maybe? Maybe invite them to a party with other WR fans and have stories and other things?

If War Robots wants to survive beyond the next few years, it must find a way to immortalize its universe and make sure that there will always be an active community even if the game dies – after all, Pixonic (and mail.ru, by extension), would surely love to create a new version of War Robots – the worst case scenario for Pixonic (and frankly, for many of us as well), is that one of its challengers (Robokrieg, Mech Wars, Battle of Titans and Robot Warfare) would get a break and kick it out of the premier “mobile mech gaming” spot on Android.

There is no other way to do it than creating a War Robots culture – after all, when the game’s all said and done, those memories that are written somewhere would remain intact.

[To be fair though, Pixonic has never, ever, ever went hardcore when it comes to use of their content (i.e. names of robots, pictures, other media, etc.) This is one of the best things about Pixonic actually, in my many months of experience dealing with their community liaisons: They are rather flexible and they show a lot of understanding, though whether this results to action at the corporate levels of Pixonic is a vastly different matter, as previous experience shows. And yes, as a sort of disclaimer, I was actually one of the winners of the WR writing tournament last year – thus, I know some people in Pixonic for real (and I got some Dragoons/Redeemers for review – that’s pretty much it though). However, this does not mean that this post represents their ideas and opinions.]

I really wish that the Iron War would become a thing in our hearts and minds in the future.

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  1. Honestly, I am waiting for them to come up with toys…with all the possible weaponry and reattachable paint jobs we can placed on them.

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