December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction
Do you want to read more stories about War Robots? Are you familiar with War Robots lore? Are you a fan of War Robots fanfiction? Read on!
war robots fanfiction

War Robots fanfiction is hard to find, especially when everyone is just focusing on grinding towards becoming the top clan or dog in the game!

In order for you to enjoy reading the lore of War Robots, here is a War Robots fanfiction story for you!

“Alpha Squad, on me. We need to clear out this position before we are able to go through!“

“Sir, how about the beacons?”

“Obviously, we capture the beacons while we try to wear the enemy and their reinforcements out. Let’s just hope that they did not bring any of those pesky Knights onto the battlefield!

Dead City has been obliterated by thermonuclear attacks during the End of Days back in the year 2116. It has been previously known as the City of Milan, which is Italy’s largest city as well as the cultural center of the country.

Now, it is nothing but a moldy, decrepit version of itself as mechs from different multinational coalitions keep on fighting left and right, hoping to gain control of the five rally points to allow their forces to use the city as a landing point from space. After all, Earth has fallen in a state of anarchy since the third World War.

“Enemy spotted. 1000 units, four Griffs with unidentified weaponry, two Ancilots. Probably a mix of Pins/Tulus and Ancis with Tarans.”

“Be careful out there. Better if we take out the Griffs first. This place has a lot of cover, so use your mobility to be able to destroy your enemy.”

“Aye, aye, Lieutenant. Loud and clear.”

In the real world, it is one map in a series between Russia’s Polar Pro and Korea’s Open City for the final match of the 2019 War Robots Esports Championships, held at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, a major business hub in the Philippines. The winner will gain the first seed going into the playoffs of the tournament, which meant that everything is on the line for both teams.

Captain Nikolai Medevdev, known as “Vampire” in-game, is the leader of an aggressive, well-coordinated Russian squad who are considered to be favorites to win the entire thing. Meanwhile, the Korean leader, Kim Park, otherwise called “Ancilking” to the War Robots community, is known for his calculated timings as well as opportunity-based gameplay.

The hosts, Philippines, have barely survived by scoring an upset win against the United States in their final matchup and are intently watching in their front seats with their eyes wide open as they will face the winner of this matchup. The theater hall is filled with War Robot fans of all ages from all over the world; after all, a prize pool of $4 million as well as the honor of winning the second-ever War Robots World Championship is at stake. Russia won the first edition during the previous year when it was held in Pixonic’s home base in Moscow; after all, it is one of their home games – yet, they still had a hard time against countries such as Korea, Jordan, Brazil and Sweden, among others.

The two commentators for the match were situated at the back of the hall, sitting on a well-decorated table with their huge monitors in front of them. Meanwhile, the players are inside soundproof booths in order to prevent them from hearing the audience.

The first one started by stating, “Vampire and his team have just finished their huddle. Meanwhile, the Korean squad is already in the game. It’s going to be a hyped match!”

“What did they run?” The second one is more of a color caster; he adds analysis and insights into the game, in contrast to his partner who is a play-by-play commentator. Both are dressed smartly in their business suits; they know very well that they need to dress properly as the match was shown on cable TV all over the world.

“The Russians have run a standard setup for their first drops; a mix of plasmas and rockets in order to be able to fight on with whatever Ancilking and his friends throw at them. Meanwhile, the Koreans are going for the two Ancilot-four DB strat, aiming to pressure the sidelines with a combination of heavy firepower and some defense as well! – What are your predictions?”

“I love the Russians a lot. But I think that they are going to have a hard time against the KPOP guys. After all, they are notorious for their strategic understanding of the game.”

“Let’s see. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the last match of the group stage, the most awaited bout between Russia and Korea! Without keeping you waiting, let’s get ready to rumbbllleee!!!”

The crowd shouted enthusiastically as the match went underway.

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