April 21, 2024
Here is the beginning of a new fanfic on War Robots! Note: This is completely not canon.
war robots history

Hoping that you like this War Robots history piece!

They say that life and death is a tapestry that transcends time and dimensional restraints. War, although it is sudden and mind-blowing, is nothing but a small chapter of that narrative – here’s some War Robots History for you!

The sky carried a million hues of blue, with the cool mountain winds blowing endlessly. Trees and greenery stood strong, like sentinels who guard a might treasure.

Captain Nasser Mandi of the Pan-Asian Confederation,otherwise known as PAC, couldn’t help but become amazed at the sight around him. His assignment here at Site GCE82XA, otherwise known as Valley, was anything but eventful.

He noticed the sky moving fast, as if hurrying off to complete someone’s destiny. Mandi knew very well the treasure that Valley carried.

Guarded by four missile launchers as well as a number of weapons bays, Valley was an odd choice for the Confederates. After all, it was far away from the frontlines in Europe, where the heat of the battle was happening.

With two vantage points and staging areas spread out throughout the complex, as well as numerous rocks formations and a large, sprawling military compound in the middle of it all, Valley was the place where the Pan-Asian Confederation tested their dash bots.

A dash bot is a robot with an ability to quickly traverse short distances. There are three in the family: Kumiho, Haechi and Bulgasari, all of which were named after entities in Korean mythology.

It was the fifth year of the showdown between the Trans-Atlantic Federation and the PAC, with added headaches created by the Greater African Union as well as the Technocratic Alliance of Mars. It was a great show indeed, as three billion lives and thousands of cities were already devastated, almost turning Earth into a lifeless husk.

Humanity managed to do this without the use of nuclear, laser and space-based kinetic weapons.

His Personal Data Assistant (PDA), the size of a phone, started vibrating like a grasshopper on a hurry. The message said:


All units to their stations! All units to their stations! Unidentified craft spotted off Ha Long Bay. Estimated time before contact: Five minutes.

He quickly rushed to the hangar and looked for his Haechi.

A Haechi is a creature in Korean mythology. However, this one is a mech suit designed by the Confederation to carry payloads towards enemy lines. With an energy shield, three medium hardpoints and the ability to dash, it is a sight for sore eyes.

When he came to his spot, he already saw his squad preparing to move out, finalizing their software tweaks on their Kumihos. These robots are quick and nimble, designed to hit hard and fast, as well as conduct information gathering and electronic warfare.

“Captain, we are ready to proceed,” mentioned Lieutenant Jason Bautista, who was Mandi’s executive officer. Together, they led a squad of 12.

“Very well, let’s give them a warm-“

Explosions blossomed outside the hangar and the whole valley shook, trembling at the power of the aerial bombardment from the unidentified ships above them.

“Homeplate, this is Tango One-Two-Eight Actual, any identification?”

“Negative, Tango 128, but we saw multiple drop bays on the ships. They might carry mech suits operated by special forces.”

“Acknowledged, thanks for the heads-up! Tango out.”

The bombardment ceased as soon as Mandi came off the radio.

“Gentlemen, let’s move out!”

It all began here.

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