May 22, 2024
In this guide, you will get to know how to play War Robots (WR) – especially if you are a new player!

War Robots: Fenrir. The up-and-coming boss of WR.

First, this is a guide for the new generation of War Robots players. Everyone knows that War Robots is a completely different game nowadays and that it has a lot of new features.

In this guide, you will get to know how to play War Robots (WR) – especially if you are a new player!

Which weapons and robots should I pick?

To start with, pick the ones that are best suited for your playstyle. If you are a brawler, get an Ares, Nemesis, Mercury, Invader, Falcon or Fenrir (if you are lucky) and level them as much as you can. Take note that the Ares is soon to be nerfed, so you might as well pick one that will be suitable to today’s needs!

In addition, if you can find a setup that will always be useful and provide consistent damage as well as lots of utility regardless of the patch, you should stick to it.

After all, you don’t have resources to upgrade everything out there or to chase the metagame, for that matter.

Which abilities should I pick?

You’ll never go wrong with abilities that allow you to heal high, have lots of base HP and crazy amounts of endurance. You will be the literal tank who will terrorize the enemy backline; after all, most of those who do midrange are quite squishy, with the exception of the Bulwark that has both a physical and an Aegis shield.

In addition, if your setup allows you to deal lots of DPS, then just go for damage. Go for all sorts of damage and you’ll soon find out that those who don’t have any form of resistance will melt like a hot knife that goes through butter!

Should I try Deft Survivor in WR?

Deft Survivor is a handy one too if you can have it, as it allows you to recharge your skill and do another move that might win you the duel or the battle itself. One ability in the hands of a skilled player can completely change the game!

Remember that War Robots nowadays is about who deals the most amount of damage.

What are the levels needed to get through WR leagues?

As usual, there’s the league system and you need to get through the various levels. Though Champion seems to be the most prestigious league at the moment, it is easier to go through Master, Expert and Diamond and get all the resources you need there – as such, you don’t want to get into Champion’s League at a very low level.

With that being said, here is how you should approach the level and weapons system:

Gold League: Formerly it was 6/6. However, you should aim to get a 7/7 and even higher in order to get ready for the big leagues.

Diamond League: 8/8 or 9/9.

Expert League: 9/9 or 10/10 on average. You should have one maxed MK1 setup by this time.

Master League: 10/10 on average. You should have two maxed MK1 setups by this time.

Champions League: 10/10 minimum, best if you can have multiple maxed bots and/or two setups with level 9 MK2 by this time around.

How will I advance in War Robots?

Make sure that you get the top three in damage, regardless of whether you win or lose. Someone who is a decent player should have a consistent win rate of 45-65%, as well as a 55% “performance rate” where you can capture 2 beacons, kill at least 5 bots and score top 3 in damage. If you can do this, then not only people will be amazed at your game, but you will be going at a good pace towards Champions’ League in record time.

What should I upgrade in WR?

Falcon is becoming more prominent nowadays.

Do not upgrade the robots and weapons that belong to the current metagame. Instead, do one (or more) of three things:

1. Upgrade the robots and weapons that will be a part of the next metagame.
2. If it’s available in the workshop, get a new robot that hasn’t been buffed yet.
3. Upgrade a general-purpose robot from the era after Dash – which means Inquisitor and beyond.

In the current metagame, you should try to get the Ao Jun as fast as you can. As soon as the Fenrir gets into the workshop, you should get it too!

How can I survive in WR?

Well, read and watch a lot. Improve your basic skills. Join a clan – they will tell you how to upgrade, what to upgrade and how to try to work as a team inside the game.

In addition, play to your strengths. Use cover if you can. Kill the robots that your teammates are targeting – one less bot makes a lot of difference!

What should I do to get new robots and weapons in WR?

In order to get new robots without paying any sort of money, join giveaways and creative contests. In addition, read on the latest trends and try to read the direction of the metagame for yourself.

Finally, use the Workshop and see for stuff that you can get for gold. Play the events hard, grind for them and you would be able to get the robots and weapons that you want!

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