May 19, 2024
With the introduction of the Operation and the Pass systems, War Robots is now a great game again.

Who wants a new Ao Jun?

With the introduction of the Operation and the Pass systems, War Robots is now a great game again.

Here are the quick comments!

Best for Everyone

Free-to-play players can finally have something to show for their efforts: By doing missions up to level 60, a player can gain 45 million silver, more than 2000 gold, more than 1500 keys and a ton of other rewards without even spending anything.

The only thing you need is to play.

Isn’t this everyone’s dream – to get good equipment and great mileage in terms of resources and gameplay by simply playing, spending time and showing effort inside the game?

Best for the Big Spenders

The persons who have gained the Operation Pass can do missions up to level 80 and gain the following:

Skins for Fujin, Lancelot, Ao Guang, Inquisitor, Blitz and Spectre (the last two robots are still highly used even in the higher leagues). All of them have +5% durability bonus!
Three regular pilots and legendary pilots for the Griffin, Spectre and Tyr. Again, all of these are used in different leagues…and you’ll see both the Spectre and the Tyr in Champions’ league too!
Deathwing Ao Jun. An Ao Jun is always appreciated in this age.
Tons of boosters. This is the main sweetener for buying the pass – it helps you along the way, all the way!
More than 150 million silver. And we don’t count yet the millions of silver that you get from the games themselves, plus the silver that you get from boosted earnings.
Almost 11,000 gold. Gold is gold, greed is good. Deal with it.
More than 9,000 power cells. This means that you get to have a lot of chances to use your abilities and win the match for your team!
Almost 6,000 keys. Okay then, you’re already almost halfway towards that Super Chest!
10,000 Inquisitor parts. The Inquisitor is always something that you want to have.
Another legendary skin. You really want to get every single advantage that you could get.
10,000 Viper parts: Hmmm, a mixed bag here – the Viper is costly to upgrade. But then, you can slap two of them on an Ao Jun or Bulwark and see the lights come on…

Okay, now tell me that the Operation Pass is not the best deal so far out there.

Best for the Top Clans

While the equipment may not be as enticing for the top clans out there – after all, THEY ALL WANT THAT LUSCIOUS S RANK, the resources WOULD SURELY HELP IN LETTING THEM KEEP THEIR VIRTUAL THRONE.

Wait, the pilots are always great for any player, but I’d dare to think that they’ll appreciate the tons of gold and silver that they get from the said operation.

Best for the Company

This Operations system ensures that the entire player base is happy and engaged with the game; with its well-defined rewards and a way for players to keep their experience towards the next season (at least for those who have paid for it in advance), War Robots creates a new experience for its players and as such, makes sure that players have something to come back for.


War Robots is now back in business. Pixonic has clearly found the formula that will allow it to keep its players and not lose them to other titles such as Super Mecha Champions (already a super big mecha game out there), Mech Battle (which sees a ton of new players per day) and other mobile mech games.

This quality-of-life improvement will keep War Robots at the top of the mobile mech food chain for a long period of time.

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