May 19, 2024
war robots mental health
How do we navigate mental health in War Robots? Let's find out and use these tricks and tips together!
War Robots is a different experience. Source: Pixonic

With many mind-boggling changes that War Robots players witness everyday, and the fact that the release of Remastered represents a new era of the game, it is inevitable for players like us go become bewildered and even demoralized. Thus, we do hope that this piece, entitled “War Robots Mental Health”, is going to be useful for everyone!

Prepare with the end in mind

While it is true that War Robots is a pay-to-win battlefield, there are always ways in order to overcome this wall. There are a ton of guides out there on Reddit, on the forums, on YouTube, and on other websites – find the one which suits you the most!

Study the maps. Optimize your bots and weapons. Watch better players as they navigate through different plays and setups. Think of situations beforehand, and apply your best shots accordingly – you’ll see that meaningful games make up for a more enjoyable War Robots experience!

Meditate before a battle

Familiarity, routine, comfort, and relaxation helps in making one’s mind ready for the battles ahead.

Meditation can mean many ways: keeping silence, eating chocolate, closing one’s eyes…as long as these stuff help you gain that “calm” state before a game, go ahead and do it!

Talk about your feelings and mental health in War Robots

Cry. Vent it out. Talk with your friends. Communicate with your clanmates. It is okay not to be okay.

Eat properly, drink responsibly, stay active

Do not miss your meals, eat soemthing nice, and make sure to keep your body healthy. Try to drink from 6-12 glasses of liquids a day (minus ones that have caffeine). Also try to exercise, stand up, take a walk – all of these will improve your overall game.

Eating, drinking, and staying well do pay wonders for your game – you use your brain, heart, and fingers to play WR, right?

After all, if you are not healthy, how will you rise to the top of the War Robots food chain?

war robots
The Scorpion is one of the newest kids on the block. Source: Pixonic

Take a break: Take care of your mental health in War Robots!

Let’s be real, players need to have a break – both literally and also figuratively from the game. Stay away from your device for 20 seconds every 20 minutes (that’s the length of two to three games), and make sure that you take a 10-minute timeout every two hours. This will help rest your eyes, brain, and allow you to focus for further battles.

In addition, toxicity in the game is always a reality. After all, we are talking about thousands of players fighting for their places in the highest leagues of the game, as well as teams who are joining multiple tournament scenes and clans trying to maintain their rankings all at the same time. There will be hot heads.

In this case, just don’t play War Robots for a day. Find something else that is not related to the game: Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

Step back when tilted

It is also unavoidable for us players to have bad days. It is also hard to keep our emotions in control when we have a losing streak; after all, we face insurmountable odds a lot of times.

Instead of raging and becoming toxic and smashing it on social media, just take a step back and avoid the game for a while.

Playing with a cooler head usually leads to a better gaming experience overall.

Enjoy the game: Mental health in War Robots is important!

There’s another reality that we should consider: Unless you plan to become the number one player or clan in the game, relax and enjoy the show! It’s going to be inevitable that we will have a lot of bad days in the game, due to its identity as a mobile mech title.

Just enjoy the game. If you don’t, it’s okay; it’s not the end of the world!

Hopefully, after reading and going through this one called “War Robots Mental Health,” you’ll be able to have the extra mental edge in order to elevate your game and hopefully win!

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  1. I didn’t realize that it was a issue. I remember when Adrian had a mental breakdown about 5 years ago over Walking WarRobots, He ranted on every social media outlet/ Google+, LINE-APP for about 2 weeks I was genuinely concerned about him.

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