May 19, 2024

Patch 4.4 is about to come out in the next few hours or days (or in another patch entirely), depending on Pix’s moods and whims. With that being said, here are some of the major things that will come out for this patch:


This is a great place to be: Good heights, great environmental hazards, lots of room to do crazy plays. It also reinforces the current metagame of “combined arms coordination”, which as you can guess, a “good” balance of rushers (Pursuers/Hellburners/Striders) and backline robots (Bulwark, Bulgasari, etc.)

With that being said, the graphics for the said map also look very nice.

I am wondering how players would approach this map…and how long it will take for players to be able to adjust to the map’s dynamic architecture.

If Pixonic’s map releases are any indication (Rome, Dreadnought and Valley are the main examples here), we shall see another great map – as expected from a great map-making department.

Corrosion Weapons

Sounds like something from a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, but in reality, we all have a proper name for this thing from Warhammer 40K: Meltaguns.

Yes, they do damage over time and they are crazy enough to put out even the strongest of robots out of commission.

Wasp at 600 meters is rather nasty. Good damage, good damage over time and quite a safe range for doing its stuff. It may be the key for defeating the Dragoon Bulwark as its damage gets through all types of shields, same with Sting and whichever variant Pixonic can think of…

Let’s get ready for Sting, Wasp and all that stuff…

PS: The weapons should corrode physical shields first, in line with their nature as acid and/or meltagun weapons. The current rule in which it can get through all sorts of defenses is just so unrealistic out there.

I guess Pixonic is aiming to make them the OP weapon of choice for this new patch…and just like any other business, to sell them like hotcakes!

UPDATE: If the last test server results come out as anticipated (i.e. mixed damage types for each version of the weapon), then this new weapons family may turn out to be enjoyable as well…

More Suppression

While it is true that they came out during the previous patch, this is the time where they could shine the most as enough numbers should come out for them to make an effect.

Suppression is always good for support – especially when taking down high-priority targets in a one-on-one or helping your team get the advantage.

Faster Upgrades

There’s no need to explain it – all upgrades are two times faster during the event. This means that something which would normally take a day to finish upgrading now ends in 12 hours!

This also means that the upgrades are cheaper…so if you have a couple of thousand gold lying there, it’s time to get the best weapons and robots!

The Halloween Event

Is this actually the Halloween event? Cool skins overall!

In addition, the new hangar is super cool!

I actually want to see a very good event for this Halloween. Let’s see what happens next!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!

UPDATE: The clan rubric is live. One can see how many points does a player contribute to the team…and whether the player is actually doing good/bad or whatnot!

Whether it remains permanently or is erased/updated/reset after a period of time (or after the season) is yet to be tested…

EXHIBIT A: Before I start a game

EXHIBIT B: After losing a game

2 thoughts on “War Robots Patch 4.4: What Does it Bring?

  1. Another great commentary by the legendary Dreamslayer! I hope this will be a fun Halloween event. I really love the new Castle map, and some of the new skins, especially the Quizzy one. Thanks for your analysis, and looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

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