May 19, 2024
War Robots Review
In this War Robots Review for 2023, we are going to discuss everything that is good, bad, and ugly in this all-time mech classic!

In this War Robots review, I’ll discuss it based on five factors: the gameplay, graphics, performance, matchmaking, community, and personal experiences overall. I’ll also add my conclusions at the end of the entire piece.

War Robots: Gameplay

Gameplay-wise, the mechanics remain all the same and are actually easy to pick up (let’s be objective here and give the developers and the company the credit that they deserve). They even added a single-player mode. Not bad!


It’s clear that a lot of effort has been placed in making the War Robots remaster into a true one – at least on the visual department. One might mistake the battlefield for a high-octane 1080p movie reel – and even in the harshest of battles, the quality remains pretty immaculate!

The menu and the UI are pretty much the same, though I wish that WR made more efforts to make it more user-friendly.


My smartphone didn’t heat up or lag throughout the entirety of my sessions, though it was clear that there was the occasional stutter endemic to War Robots. For a game that’s supposed to be remastered, optimization should be at the top of the development team’s efforts – it’s clear that certain maps (looking at you, Dreadnought) didn’t receive the needed optimization.

However, there were times when the game was stuck on the loading screen – take note that this is a phone that is three days old, with 16 GB RAM and has almost no applications on it. Interesting, no?


For a game that claims to have worldwide reach and tens of thousands of players, the matchmaking can turn out to be pretty unfair and rigged at times: Why would you match up someone in Recruit with Private and even as high as Bronze – when in fact, the average skill level and equipment between the three leagues are miles away from each other?

Even in Private League, you already have people who use Menders, Ao Jun, and all sorts of Titans, causing the average WR beginner to wonder what kind of game they were playing. This will also prove very confusing to players who come from games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, Honor of Kings, and other competing games which actually have proper and fair matchmaking.

War Robots Review: Personal Experiences

Based on my personal experience playing War Robots, it’s clear that watching ads and unlocking freebies are some of the ways  – no, the only way to keep one’s head in the game is to get those free stuff. Even then, there will be a point when you, as the player, would lose outright to someone fully kitted and who is not supposed to be fighting with you.

For my part, I didn’t have any intention anymore to spend more time than necessary in War Robots. Most probably, I’ll just try to join the Six-Pack League (if it still exists) or play the single player or just really hope for some community action that’s composed of equal hangars in an equal field. Or maybe I’ll play event maps. Just a maybe. 


Nowadays, a game’s community is one of the biggest barometers of a title’s legacy/longevity/impact. Glad to see that it’s kind of the same (active and numerous), though based on the number of grumblings out there, it’s clear that many players have moved on to other games (and even other mech/mecha competitors).

War Robots Review: Conclusions

The game works as intended for the most part, though it’s clear that the developers have never focused on the matchmaking and optimization portions (there’s still some stutters even though the phone is just like three days old and it has 16 gigabytes of RAM).

If you’re really keen to get into the War Robots universe, then it’s fine to get into this game. However, if you want a fair game (and if you want the gacha mechanics), there are better games to pour your time, effort, and money on.

Hoping that you found this War Robots review useful! Take care and see you on the battlefield!

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