June 15, 2024
Do you want to know what is happening in War Robots Silver League? This one's for you!
War Robots Silver League

In “War Robots Silver League: Player Reports,” we discuss how the game’s players deal with the challenges and realities of playing the game in the lower leagues. After all, everyone is too focused on the upper echelons of the game, and we tend to forget that the bottom places exist (let’s admit the truth here!)

First, in terms of bot diversity, it is common to see Leos and Griffins in Silver League, along with Fujins and Natashas. Of course, one can still see other bots there, but for the most part, these bots are the mainstays of the Silver League (and even Bronze League).

Meanwhile, there are Gareths and Bolts used to capture the beacons right at the outset. There’s also an Ao Qin user almost every other game, though they usually lose the match for one reason or another.

Furthermore, it is also common to see a lot of tankers and faders in these games. One can even say that tanking and fading is the heart of the lower leagues: After all, no one’s going to report you for getting disconnected after the 30-second mark. Also, no one’s going to rat you out to the authorities if all your Cossacks die in Private, Bronze, and Silver leagues!

Moreover, it is typical to see a War Robots player spend more than three months just gathering gear to rise the ranks. While it is true that one can reach Diamond League with only upgraded Leos and Griffins, the truth of the matter is that one has to get upgraded equipment to thrive in the upper leagues effectively.

In contrast, one can go up to Expert League with only maxed Griffins in the recent past. It is a prime example of how the power creep in War Robots works, though it helps with Pixonic’s aim of distributing players into their actual leagues.

While there is the occasional buyer and professional “tanker” in the game, one could play these games solo effectively for the most part.

Overall, one does not see the six-Shell metagame and “full squad gangbang” that we know and love from Masters and Champions League. Instead, it is a more laid-back and relaxed metagame down here.

We do hope that you enjoyed this edition of “War Robots Silver League: Player Reports”!

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