December 9, 2023
Here is the difference between different "Marks" for the common player!

We all hear MK, MK2 and all that stuff, so what is the difference in War Robots?

Here is the list of the “Marks” that define the power creep level of the in-game elements in War Robots:

MK 1: Level 12 (Blue rating on bots and weapons)
MK 2: Level 24 (Green rating on bots and weapons)
MK 3: Boosters (Attack, Defense and Resource consumables)
MK 4: Basic active and passive modules
MK 5: Premium active and passive modules
MK 6: Pilots
MK 7: Premium pilots and super modules


Here are three more additions to the game’s power creep, as generally understood by players of War Robots:

MK 8: Titans (version 5.6)
MK 9: Titan modules (version 5.7)
MK 10: Drones (version 6.3)

So, this is how far the power creep level is right now in War Robots!

Hope that this guide proves to be helpful to you!

1 thought on “What Does MK Mean In War Robots?

  1. But leveling regular passive modules is more cost efficient than taking regular gear past lvl 9-10 they really don’t deserve a rhetorical MK

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