February 21, 2024
what is war robots
Here are tips for new War Robots players!
what is war robots

What is War Robots? You might want to ask this question every now and then. In the first part of this series, the site attempted to cover War Robots in general (this is a restructuring of a piece I did back in 2019).

In the second part of the series, we give tips to new players on how to deal with the game!

Tips for new players

First, get five slots in your hangar as soon as possible. This is a no-brainer: It allows you to increase the fighting depth of your hangar, as well as allowing you to have more fighting choices. Most importantly, it allows you to last longer in the field and have a greater contribution towards your personal statistics or the big green win!

Then, join a clan that doesn’t have a lot of drama and lets you grow. This is also a no-brainer; after all, didn’t you play War Robots to try to have fun?

Next, prioritize leveling up weapons over bots. Not only you can fit them to different bots, the fact of the matter is that most of your damage is determined by the power of your weapons in the first place.

There’s also the reality that weapons are less prone to “metagame adjustments” than bots. Yes, that’s a fact.

Afterwards, players should learn that due to the sheer fact that there are limited ways to gain in-game resources, in addition to the fact that those resources are allocated in a restricted manner, War Robots, perhaps more than any other game, has a sub-game of economics.

It is important to be aware how to smartly and efficiently spend your resources in the game. For players who recognize this aspect of WR, it is just as important or even impactful than your actual moves on the battlefield.

If one does it correctly, an ordinary player can run full meta hangars (or the most optimal hangar that can take on today’s metagame). One should albeit many levels below the spending counterparts.

On another note, players should optimize their builds for pilots and skills, and learn to equip the correct modules for their respective robots. There are many great resources out there, and you can always ask players about the best choice for a particular scenario.

Finally, read up on the metagame (see what other players are noticing, have a look at the test servers, etc.) and see which bots, weapons, and modules could go up (or could counter the ones that are now up/going to be up) in terms of in-game prominence. Once you recognize the flow of the game’s economy, you can act accordingly and even be proactive about spending your resources!

We do all hope that you find this piece useful! If you want to read the first part of the series, you can read it here.

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