February 21, 2024
Why do you play War Robots? What makes you stay in the game?

why do you play war robots

Why do you play War Robots?

Here’s my answer, as someone who has played the game for exactly 36 months now and as someone who writes about War Robots every now and then…and as someone who was a part of a competitive Six-Pack League team.

Now, here’s a short history.

I started the game back in May 2017, after discovering it from Google Ads. At the time, there was no Dash, there were no Shocktrains and there wasn’t even Beacon Rush back then.

The almighty Lancelot ruled the game with its amazing boxy form. Who didn’t scratch their heads when they saw a fully-equipped 12/12 full-Lancelot hangar, complete with the Ancile and the Taran as well as their respective paint jobs?

Or who didn’t cry tears of madness when they saw a maxed-out Zeus Fury on the field when it is dropped by the red side on open maps like Canyon and Yamantau?

Thus, I saw all the changes that made War Robots the game that it is today.

I saw how the Dash bots came in. I saw the Shocktrain and the Scourge and all the other stuff that made one’s head go awry. I saw the new energy shotguns, the prevalent Spectre Shocktrain Shootouts, the Ares Trains, the Leech bombs, the Ao Jun fly-bys, and everything else that the notorious balancing department of WR had to offer.

Even though I spend only less than 10 hours in a week playing the mobile mech game, War Robots has both given me highs and lows. It made me happy, it made me tilted and it made me wonder whether I’m spending my time in the right game.

Given the fact that I’m here today, writing these words, I guess it’s safe to bet that I do enjoy the game for what it is.

Now to the reasons why we play War Robots…

Who doesn’t want to command a robot, to be able to move it, destroy enemies and watch one’s self win?

Who doesn’t want to win? Is this not the reason why we love athletes, esports players and everyone who’s partaking in competitive disciplines?

Who doesn’t want to experience the glory of being on top?

Who doesn’t want to enjoy it with friends from all over the world? Who doesn’t want to enjoy the green screen of victory with one’s family?

Who doesn’t want to see the joy of upsetting the big names in War Robots?

Who doesn’t want to win against the best players in 1v1s?

Who doesn’t want to troll people with the maxed-out Noricums and Hydras?

Who doesn’t want to share the joy of being in a world where the future is dark, the apocalypse is in full swing and go to space while fighting for one’s flag and honor?

It is an open secret that Pixonic’s aesthetic when it comes to games is also influenced by Warhammer 40,000.

I am sure that they’ll also know of the concept of “Your Dudes” – here is how it goes according to 1d4chan (edited and paraphrased already):

40K is about your own group of soldiers. War Robots pretty much operates in the same way…everyone is free to do as they please, and its about your own robots and pilots; it’s their story. Unless you’re a YouTuber…

No one cares about what faction you play (there’s a reason why WR isn’t that focused on the lore, despite the fact that other, better games do) or what lists you use (hangars in the case of WR).

40k is about your dudes. It is about YOUR GUYS. Same goes for War Robots. Do you want to be a spending player? Good for you. Do you want to be a free-to-play player? Good luck and have fun!

You can give your dudes names and grow attached to them in the same way that you can with X-COM or Final Fantasy Tactics or any other game where you have generic dudes.

Who doesn’t want to be immersed in a story where you can change the world with one flip of the beacon, with one enemy robot killed, with one smart move that left everyone wondering how they were outplayed?

Who doesn’t want to be remembered? Who doesn’t want to be remembered among legends, whose name and progeny will be recalled even after this game dies? Don’t tell me that you don’t dream about yourself winning the top annals of War Robots, even once, even once…

Who doesn’t want to be in a game where the people are active and where persons invest their time and money to make the things that matter?

There are many reasons why we love to play War Robots, despite the numerous monumental mistakes by Pixonic that would have killed any other mobile video game outright. It helps that the company starts to actually push out features and content that helps the general WR community and not the other way around.

As for me, I know that I’ll never be a top Champions League player, like that of Blacklist, KOREA or of Scrap Yard Kings. I do also know that I’ll never get a full MK2 hangar – besides, becoming a very good player in the Six-Pack Community, let alone winning a Six-Pack Championship, is already hard.

But I don’t care at all, for I still love this game.

As long as this game exists, I will play it and be a responsible member of the War Robots Community.

For my creed in playing the game is just to play, to experience a world beyond what can the imagination can offer.

War Robots and all the other mobile mech games out there make me remember – that there is a future where technology is real and where one can touch it.

A place where the imagination can thrive, create worlds and share it to the world – and hopingly make a positive impact in people’s lives, real or otherwise.

This is why I play this game.

6 thoughts on “Why Do You Play War Robots? A quick answer for 2020

  1. reminded me of MechWarrior, where the pilots were the elite of the elite. although, then as now, me gets lots of whacking from opponents in the early stages.

  2. This is why you are one of my favorite authors. Because we think so much alike. Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts and for your courage to post them, despite what anyone else may say or think. Or maybe in spite of that. Keep up the great effort and attitude. I for one think that makes you a great player. You’re pretty cool, Mr. Dreamslayer!

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