April 19, 2024
What can Pixonic do to improve the Arena? Read on!
War Robots Improve Arena

In previous discussions, we have praised Pixonic regarding the release of Arena and we have discussed how it impacted the way that War Robots is played.

This article will discuss how War Robots improve Arena – and what can be done about it.

The Arena has already saw many iterations, most of them well-received and critically acclaimed by players. This shows that this mode is an effective way to get players to play the game – and to really show their skill and talent.

However, we would like to argue that it is now time for the developers of War Robots to extend the merits of Arena beyond the free-for-all format. Many players would surely go to the Arena if it is placed in a mode where they can play with a team; after all, quite many are not familiar with the mechanics of Free-for-all and as such, would feel uncomfortable in the current game mode that the WR Arena uses.

Now, here are three things that they can do to improve it.

Firstly, they should extend it towards having a Domination mode.

War Robots Improve Arena
Well, here was one of the first versions…

This will actually make Arena into a viable place to measure one’s skill, teamwork, cohesion and capability, as everyone will have the same hangar and everyone will have both the positive (read: getting more resources) and the negative (read: losing their entry fee) driving forces to play the game seriously.

Secondly, they should prevent clans or squads from accessing the Arena altogether.

This will mostly prevent clans from turning the Arena into a farming festival – though if they time drop and still end up in the same server, well, there’s nothing much to be done about it. Pixonic has already the codes and systems in place for this via the current Arena and Skirmish system.

One thing that could be done if clans and squads want to have a go at it, then maybe Pixonic can develop a tournament server – which will allow clans to fight each other, get the rewards and not impact the rest of the playing field.

Thirdly, they should also place the usual rewards from a match, apart from dividing the proceeds of the match between the winners and the losers.

War Robots Improve Arena
Here we go, old times, old times.

Twelve players entering a standard Arena 2.0 match will yield 1200 gold. If we are to say that 900 gold goes to the winners (150 each) and 300 gold goes to the losers (50 each), the top player, the player with the most number of beacons and the player with the most number of kills should get an additional 5 gold. On top of that, the usual key rewards can be placed, along with the 140 energy cell package that is given to all players. This will entice many players to have a shot at the Arena regardless of the substantial entry rate.

Now, the only things that can stop Pixonic from doing this are a lack of time and an inability to add the necessary codes to the game’s software. But if the company manages to be able to do so (with a minimum amount of bugs), then we are going to see players getting a very good reason to play the game properly and competitively.

A step further would be a heuristic system that can detect those who intentionally drop from these matches and ban them from accessing any iteration of the Arena altogether – hey, at least, they are not banned in the live server and the Skirmish, right?

Hoping that this “War Robots Improve Arena” take gives you an idea on one of the game’s quickly rising modes.

Thank you for reading and cheers!

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