May 19, 2024
How do you win with a Leech and Ravana? How do you play this version of the WR arena?
win with a leech and ravana

This week’s Arena focuses on the ways to win with a Leech and Ravana.

Veteran players may realize that Leech and Ravana are among the robots that completely dominate the metagame in this era of War Robots.

To start with, you get a deck (hangar) of five robots, which compose of three Leeches and two Ravanas.

The Leeches have Cryos, Atomizers, and Scourges, while the Ravanas have Cryos and Storms. All of them have Phase Shift.

For starters, each try in the Arena costs 100 gold. There’s no FREE FIRST TRY THIS TIME AROUND.

win with a leech and ravana

The prize distribution is as follows:

1st place: 250 gold, 100 power cells
2nd place: 175 gold, 100 power cells
3rd place: 125 gold, 100 power cells
4th place: 100 power cells
5th place: 100 power cells
6th place: 100 power cells

Similar to the free-for-all setup, you win if you get into the top three. You lose if you get into the bottom three. Kills and damage are both important in this game mode.

Winning first place gains you a net gain of 150 gold, while winning second place gets you 75 gold. Third place earns you 25 gold. Even finishing third place is worth it.

If you have some decent game sense and commons sense in general, then it should be easy for you to win in the Arena. Take note of the operative word: SHOULD.

Here’s some advice: If you’re not confident about your free-for-all skills or you have a bad internet connection, don’t do the Arena. It requires precise ability timing and aim to win this one.

If you don’t have disposable gold, don’t also do the Arena for this one. 100 gold isn’t easy to earn back, especially if you’re tilted in the worst way possible.

The distribution of players is very wide: I’m in Gold 2, and my opponents range from Private to Diamond.

win with a leech and ravana

Techniques with the Leech and Ravana

One technique that worked out for me is to use the Leech Scourge as my first drop. This provided me a very potent way to answer any of my enemy spawns, as well as an ability to snatch kills off my enemy with its 600-meter range.

Use the Leech to soak up and inflict as much damage and kills as possible. Everyone who has seen the current state of War Robots knows how crazy the Leech is when it comes to the attack.

Just go ham and make sure that you bait your enemies into awkward engagements. Backstab them if you have the chance. Bait them into using up their Phase Shift, Repulse, and Last Stand first.

If you do this right, you’ll win up to 90 percent of your engagements.

Depending on the flow of the match, I will use up all my Leeches first, followed by the Ravanas.

The reason is that the Ravana offers superb comeback, momentum, offensive, and defensive abilities in one robot – ahem, Pixonic – so if I wanted to fight for first place (or third place), I can use the Ravana offensively. If aim to extend my first-place lead and know that the second-placed player is already downed (i.e. no more bots), I can use the Ravana defensively and force enemies into taking isolated 1v1s, which I usually won.

Remember, bait your enemies to use up their passive and active abilities first. Also remember to feel free to use the Ravana’s main ability to move around faster – especially if you know that there’s no one nearby.

win with a leech and ravana

The Tale of The Tape

I can easily win with a Leech and Ravana.

In six games (that’s 30 minutes of play), I got three third places, two second places, and one first place.

This meant that I earned a net revenue of 375 gold from 6 games, as well as 600 power cells. I did not lose a single piece of gold in my games.

So, it has proven effective for me.

I just hope that it proves to be useful for you! Thanks for reading!

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