May 19, 2024
Here is a quick overview of this Skirmish cycle!

Once again, Pixonic hands out the Skirmish for this event – this time focusing on the second generation of prominent War Robots setups.

For those who are looking, here are the setups:

Carnage (Thunders; the bot has its own Ancile)
Lancelot (Ancile and Tarans)
Griffin (Magnums and Orkans)
Fury (Trident)
Golem (Orkan, Pinata and Ancile)

It’s a Free-for-All, with all the rules that implies. The performance of the player affects both the daily and bonus tasks, in addition to providing silver and ad chances as well.

For the old players out there, the game setups should be intuitive already.

For those unfamiliar with these setups, drop as the fourth guy and use the Carnage, which is nasty at close range. Rush towards the enemy, get one or two bots and damage the enemy as much as you can before going down.

Then, use the Fury Trident if you are confident that you are at least 500 meters away from any enemy. Shoot away, chip some damage, steal kills and then live until someone in an Ancile takes you away.

Next, choose either the Griffin or the Golem. It’s up to you how you do it – just play it smart and remember, the Griffin is very good against both the Golem and the Carnage.

Finally, finish them off with the Lancelot. He is still the strongest one among the bunch; a normal player should be able to kill at least 1.5 bots with this one.

If you do all of these right, you’ll guarantee yourself a win in the top 3, some silver and some ad credits!

What are you waiting for? If you have time to spare, time to go down memory lane!

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