April 21, 2024
In this article, we give the reasons why War Robots should do a WR Influencers showmatch!
wr influencers showmatch

WR Influencers Showmatch: The title says it all.

I think that it’s going to be some serious entertainment for everyone watching. At the same time, a fight between WR influencers would also showcase how effective the cross-platform merger is.

Do you want to see Adrian Chong (AC) and Manni go up against each other? Do you want to see AC in his best play? Do you want to see more Manni memes, jokes, and fails – or hopefully, redeem himself in the eyes of the WR community?

Do you want to see Lottie fly (or become fried game) with her Raven…or USE SOMETHING ELSE? Do you want to see the leaders of top clans use something different other than meta bots?

Do you want to see the up-and-coming WR influencers show off their moves? Do you want to see and discover new talent for the game? For the people who love to talk nothing except for the bottom line, I believe that it is a great opportunity for some serious mileage.

Finally, do you want to feature the odd creator out there, the person who does something for WR out of the public eye, the moderators of Reddit, and so on? Just organize public showmatches in Hangar X and watch them burn each other’s robots to death!

I guess it’s a great idea for Pixonic and WR to show this kind of content. More drama, more intensity, more fights, and ultimately – more exposure with. Heck, they can even use the downtime between matches to plug in and advertise their new game!

Besides, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to spend their time indoors, I think it is a great time for everyone involved.

On top of that, do giveaways for the viewers. That should attract a lot of them out there.

Besides, I think it’s a great time for WR influencers to influence the game and retain its players. Hehehe.

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