April 19, 2024
Why is the WR shotgun nerf unpopular? Who stands to benefit from it? Who loses from it?
wr shotgun

The WR shotgun nerf has arrived.

Okay, everyone has been talking about the WR shotgun nerf and I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this. However, I’m ready to state my stand: The nerf on the shotgun should have been done a long time ago.

The reason why the nerf has been unpopular with the crowd is obviously due to the fact that it is used to push out new content. I think that it will make the game a little bit healthier for a while before that content comes – everyone just uses shotguns to outlast even mid-rangers, which wasn’t supposed to be the case.

I’d like to think that the company will just push with the WR shotgun nerf anyway and besides, I’m personally tired of seeing everyone just use shotguns, all day, all night long in-game.

Now, this opinion is going to be based on the fact that everyone knows already what Pixonic is – namely, a business company that has no obligation to its players other than fulfilling its side of the Terms and Conditions of the game and the fact that Champions’ League doesn’t represent the majority of the players of War Robots.

While this will hurt the Champions League crowd who only get their weapons from grinding (or by cheesing through a certain meta and spending just enough to do it), let’s be real here: Do you think the whales (who can afford to spend and would spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars anyway and would already have maxed bots and weapons of their choosing) would actually care about the nerf? No, they won’t. We already know that any mobile game, on average, gets the majority of its earnings from 3-4% of its spenders – and those spenders won’t mind to spend money once more.

One can assume that those “3-4%” represent a big part of Champions League anyway, which should be a sign of the game’s current state.

Do you think that the competitive clans out there wouldn’t have found already something else for their clan? I’m sure that if their “research and development” players have done their homework, they would have already found a way to move on from the shotgun. If you are actually invested in a proper, working clan in Champions League, I’d bet that you and your clan leaders have already seen this beforehand and would have done something about it.

Yes, if you invested on the shotgun and abused it (along with the relevant pilot skills) to cheese your way in the game, then you probably deserve to have your weapons nerfed. You all probably deserve to be hit hard by this patch update; yes, gameplay in Champions League has seen a ton of shotgun Leeches anyway.

I think it is a great wakeup call for players to try to diversify their gameplay and not just rely on a single game mechanic. At least, mid-rangers will have more options again. Yes, it would be a Leech wave or a Titan wave or an Ao Jun wave, but at least they’ll use different weapons, at least for a little while.

Let’s be real: Pixonic is going to introduce the Atomizer and every other single weapon to replace the shotgun anyway, if that’s what you’re saying. And I’d bet that regardless of whatever players would say about it, in the end, everyone and their dog is just going to adopt it.

Oh, by the way, majority of the players who are in high Gold, Diamond, Expert and low Master would just shrug and move on – in fact, they’ll appreciate the breath of fresh air that it would bring before the next level of the power creep sets in. At least, they don’t have to face waves of maxed MK2 shotgun leeches or “shotgun-place the bot name here” combos anymore. At most, that’s one less thing for those players in the lower leagues to worry off.

On another note, this speaks volumes of the direction in which War Robots is going – and let us have some real talk: If you wanted to be at the top of this game, you would spend anyway, regardless of the patch notes.

However, if you just wanted to be in Champions League and hang on, then there are many ways to maximize your chances to field the best robots and setups that you can get. You’ll have to grind, but I’m afraid that’s the state of War Robots ever since the Ares era to be honest.

I’d bet many of these players who are reading right now are actually knowledgeable about this game and how to deal with any metagame out there. Time to use your knowledge and show the world that you can survive in a post-shotgun age!

Now, if we move on towards the Leech and the Phase Shift please…

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