February 21, 2024
Here is the recap of the showmatch on April 29!

On April 29, Pixonic developers and prominent War Robots YouTubers from all over the world played a streamed showmatch against each other, with the YouTubers winning 3-0 in a best-of-five matchup.

Here’s a summary of what happened, as well as some takes on the event:

Map 1: Canyon

This is actually the best map of the series. It was close until the developers started to mech out in the latter stages of the game. Each player has a mirror hangar and in addition, each player can use one favorite setup.

The developers followed a beacon control strategy, with some timed aggressive pushes against the YouTuber side. Unfortunately, they could not win the 1v1s, so they pretty much lost their momentum in the end.

Map 2: Valley

The YouTubers went on high gear from the beginning, smashing through the developers’ team on this map. While there were some amazing individual plays from the developers, the YouTubers just used their massive battle experience and innate coordination to wipe out Pixonic’s staff.

Map 3: Dreadnought

This is a better map than Valley for the developers, though they were outwitted so hard in the mobility game by the YouTubers. Within the span of 25 or so minutes, the series was over and the gaming video creators swept Pixonic’s squad, 3-0.

Takeaway Number One: Energy Shotguns are Very Effective

Once you’ve been caught off-guard, say goodbye to your robot as all the energy shotguns will kill you off easily.

Takeaway Number Two: Maybe do More of These – With Actual Players

Invite clan leaders. Invite graphics designers. Invite writers. These should give the impression that War Robots has an actual active ecosystem.

Takeaway Number Three: YouTubers do Indeed Have Tons of Skill

We already knew that they were skilled. But this was a different level…

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