June 15, 2024


A sad day for Philippine CrossFire.

The country’s CrossFire Stars journey ends today as both Execration and Pacific. Wara aren’t able to go out of their respective group stages.

Execration wins their first match against EVA Team from Vietnam, 10-5. Afterwards, they lose their upper bracket match against Chinese powerhouse All Gamers, 5-10, followed by a final defeat at the hands of Brazil’s Black Dragons, 5-10.

Meanwhile, Pacific Wara lost to INTZ in their opening match, 6-10. This was followed by their elimination from the tournament  at the hands of Europe’s PENTA, 2-10.

Execration was the champion of this year’s CFS Philippine National Finals. On the other hand, Pacific Wara were known as TNC Pro Team and were the runner-ups in the same tournament.

CrossFire Stars is considered to be one of the game’s premier tournaments, along with the CrossFire Global Invitational and the “tournament tours” that SmileGate has done in the past few years, such as CFS Invitational Manila and CFS Invitational Hanoi. among others.

The country has always been known as a strong performer in the international CrossFire stage.

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